Evolution or Creation?

We are intelligent beings, how did we get here? Where do we come from?

Neil deGrasse Tyson

“The universe had a beginning. It's still changing. And all the atoms in our bodies originated in the Big Bang and in giant stars that exploded. We are not alone in the universe; we are a part of it. We were born from it”.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Astrophysicist, writer, and science communicator.

Irreducible Complexity [Amo 9:6]

Irreducible Complexity shows us that some things in nature are so complex that it is hard to believe they arose by chance or through a gradual process. Intelligent design is needed for all the parts to fit and function together properly. In nature, there are organisms and systems that also function in this way. For example, think of a watch. A watch has many small parts, such as gears, wheels, and hands, and all those parts work together to make the watch function properly. If you remove one of those parts, the watch will not work.

Singularity of the Human Mind [Gen 1:27]

It points out that the capacity for reasoning and morality cannot be fully explained by the theory of evolution, reinforcing the idea of the existence of a higher intelligence. Unlike other species, humans have the ability to reflect on their own existence, question the world around them, create new ideas, make decisions based on critical analysis, and seek a purpose beyond basic survival. The study of nature and the Bible has led some researchers to recognize the existence of intelligent design behind creation.

Expansion of the Universe [Heb 1:10]

As you inflate the balloon, the dots move away from each other. This is similar to what is happening in the universe: galaxies and other cosmic structures are moving away from each other as the space between them expands. Until the 20th century, it was widely believed that the universe was static and eternal, with no significant changes in its size or structure. However, with the advancement of modern cosmology, evidence was discovered indicating that the universe was not only constantly in motion but also expanding. Therefore, it is valid to assert that at some point in time, this expansion began.

Challenges in Abiogenesis [Gen 2:7]

Abiogenesis is the concept that attempts to clarify how life originated on Earth from substances that did not possess life. A significant challenge in this process is that life requires highly complex molecules, such as proteins and nucleic acids, to carry out its functions. The probability of all these molecules forming simultaneously and under the right conditions is extraordinarily low, raising the question of how it could have happened naturally. Although numerous experiments have been conducted in search of an answer, to date, none have been successful, leading to the hypothesis that these substances could have been created or introduced to Earth by an external source.


Evolutionary theories may provide superficial answers to many questions, but by themselves, they are insufficient to explain our origin and destiny. Nevertheless, we invite you to reflect on your purpose in life. Are you simply a prehistoric animal, a being born from a cosmic explosion? We believe that God has endowed you with a heart in which He has inscribed His law, along with a conscience that alerts you when you violate it. A day will come when you will face God, who will judge you for every occasion you broke His law, and you will be declared guilty. However, there is hope in Jesus; by placing your trust in Him, accepting Him as your Lord and Savior, and repenting of all your sins, you will be declared innocent of all your wrongdoing and can enjoy eternal life with Him.

Francis Collins

“If we see God as the creator of the universe in all its astonishing complexity, diversity, and breathtaking beauty, then science is a means to explore the nature and creative capabilities of God”.

Francis Collins Geneticist, former director of the Human Genome Project.

We want to pray for you

We understand that you may not fully comprehend the reason behind prayer, but we want to encourage you to have confidence in this act of faith. Today, we wish to pray for you, and you also have the option to do so for yourself wherever you are. We firmly believe that God will listen to you.