Does God Exist?

Creator of the universe, does it make any sense? How can it be proven?

Richard Dawkins

“I cannot know for certain, but I think God is very improbable, and I live my life on the assumption that he is not there”.

Richard Dawkins Evolutionary Biologist, author of the book The Selfish Gene.

Fine-Tuning [Ecc 3:11]

The fine-tuning of the universe (fine-tuning), also called the "anthropic principle," tells us that the universe is like a giant construction game. Although not everyone agrees on who built it, it's as if all the pieces are placed very specifically. Imagine the universe as a giant puzzle, and the rules are very important. If we change just one tiny rule, everything would be very different or catastrophic, and it seems like someone very intelligent did it on purpose. Some people would say this someone could be like a superhero or an extraterrestrial. What do you think?

Moral Argument [Rom 2:14-15]

The moral argument suggests that knowledge of the Bible is not essential to discern morality. The Bible itself states that even those unfamiliar with the gospel can recognize the distinction between right and wrong. Instead, it teaches that God has impressed his law on our hearts, allowing us to understand the basic principles of right and wrong. If there are universal rules of ethical conduct that apply to everyone, it is valid to assert that there is a perfectly moral higher being who established them.

Cosmological Argument [Gen 1:1]

Every time something comes into existence, there is a cause behind it, which is evident in our world, as every event or entity that begins to exist has an explanation for its origin. In other words, there is no spontaneous creation from nothing. Also, we can argue that the universe has a specific origin, based on modern science, especially the Big Bang theory, which states that the universe began to exist at a point in the past, about 13.8 billion years ago. Therefore, we conclude that the universe must have a cause; this cause must be something beyond the universe, a very powerful being that created everything we see, and that is eternal, unchanging, and needs nothing else to exist.


These arguments do not seek to convince you to join a church or sell you something. Their main goal is to stimulate you to reflect and persuade you about what is true. Although we could provide you with more arguments about the existence of God, you have to know that your existence is under the domain of God, who is infinitely vast and eternal. The magnificence of his work urges us to worship and adore him with all our being. Now that you have understood that God has inscribed his law in your heart, I urge you to recognize your sins, repent, and put your trust in God who is present in every moment; you just have to open your eyes and surrender to the awesome power of this kind Being who rules over all.

John Carson Lennox

“God is not an alternative to science as an explanation, he is not to be understood merely as a God of the gaps. He is the ground of all explanation: it is his existence which gives rise to the very possibility of explanation, scientific or otherwise”.

John Carson Lennox Doctor in mathematics from the University of Oxford.

We want to pray for you

We understand that you may not fully comprehend the reason behind prayer, but we want to encourage you to have confidence in this act of faith. Today, we wish to pray for you, and you also have the option to do so for yourself wherever you are. We firmly believe that God will listen to you.